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inflight entertainment

“Mention Saturnia one more time and I swear I’ll jettison your ass.” Xata hovered her index finger over a button on the console, and waggled it threateningly.

“Touchy, touchy.” Pell held up his hands. “You know, you’ve threatened me with that at least twenty times.”

“Doesn’t speak well about your performance.”

“Or your leadership.”

Xata grunted and jabbed the button, calling up the fuel display. “We have to stop at Timus to refuel.”

“Ugh, that place smells terrible.”

“Well half their population is dead, so…”

“Our cargo. You open it?”

“Open the mysterious sarcophagus with the biohazard symbol? Hell yes.”

(Written for The PredictionChallenge words: grunt, jettison, Saturn)

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