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I am an American fantasy and science fiction writer living in Sweden with my husband, children, and a dragon’s hoard of journals. I’m the author of Unusual Diction Volume One and Two and Daughters of Fire & Sea, a new epic fantasy series.

I was born in Oregon, United States. My family moved to the Northern Californian coast when I was a year old, and I spent my childhood running wild along ocean cliffs, and through wonderous, tunneling forts inside my father’s woodpile. I was a child of sunlight and sea-soaked sand and always had a book or pen in my hand. I’ve always loved thick, mysterious forests and towering craggy mountains, so I was happy to call Washington home prior to my move to Sweden.

I could never quite decide what I wanted to do outside of writing, so I jumped in and out of school for many years pursuing marine biology (despite having an irrational fear of deep water and not enthused with swimming), archaeology with an emphasis on Egyptology, forensic anthropology, cybersecurity in the FBI (never actually applied to the FBI, but I did begin prep courses), and art history.

The hunger for magic has been in my blood for as long as I can remember, and as a child, I would always go for the thickest fantasy novels I could find. I grew up on epic fantasy (thank you, Steven Erikson, Terry Goodkind, Robert Jordan, and Melanie Rawn), anything with a dragon in it (all the Pern novels), and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. My love for fantasy and detective stories, with an emphasis on murder mysteries, persists to this day.

I love complex and defiant female characters, who fight their own battles and have a fondness for knives. If I’m not child wrangling, making homemade donuts, gaming or writing, I’m probably off wandering the mountains.

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Stories Published

– The Dragon Flute (Daughters of Fire & Sea Book Two), Available in paperback or for Kindle, July 2020.
– Dark of Night, January 2020. Available for Kindle. Previously available in Fantastic Realms: A Fantasy Anthology.
– Daughters of Fire & Sea (Daughters of Fire & Sea Book One), September 2019. Available in paperback or for Kindle.
– Unusual Diction: Volume Two: A Collection of Character-Driven Flash Fiction, July 2019. Available in paperback or for Kindle.
– “Caught,” 101 Fiction, Issue 21, December 2018.
– “Mama’s Chest of Bones,” Wyrd & Wyse, Issue the Fourth, December 2018.
– “Lawbringer,” Wyrd & Wyse, Issue the Third, September 2018.
– “Eyesore,” 101 Fiction, Issue 19, June 2018.
– “A Wish in the Dark,” Wyrd & Wyse, Issue the First, December 2017.
– Unusual Diction: Volume One: A Collection of Character-Driven Flash Fiction, June 2015. Available in paperback or for Kindle.


Author photos were taken by Jeanna Rice Photography. The beautiful California images from where I grew up are by Hannah Coleman, Dave Herring, & Dominik Lange from Unsplash.


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