The Lord’s Due – A Flash Fiction Story

He’s a peacock in jeweled and feathered robes, and eyes gleam with greed as the crowd parts around him. His sycophants call out, their words buzzing in my ears like dying flies. My stomach twists. Every coin in that lord’s purse bears my family’s blood. Every sated breath he takes is one from my sister’s […]

Phase – A Flash Fiction Story

Tattoos writhe across his skin, barbed feathers flashing in iridescent purples and blues. His hands rise to the sky, and for a moment, it looks as if the lightning cracks between his palms. “Emery, no!” I scramble forward and slip in the mud. He’s going to get himself killed. “Stay back!” Strain pulls Emery’s mouth […]

Ties – A Flash Fiction Story

Agen closed her eyes, blocking out Tilain’s rage. He continued to rant and pace, the sound of his boots against the floor like hammer strikes. “How could you be so foolish! To antagonize a Sky Lord like that? They’ll see us ostracized from the Aerie. Pavlov wants our heads, Agen.” “I could not stand by, […]

All In

Oola sat at the pril table, pale blue hand resting nonchalantly atop her cards. It was a winning hand, she was certain. The dealer, two out of three eyes closed in a deceptively apathetic way, gestured at the man on Kola’s right and turned a pril card face up. The man cursed and stood, mouth […]

Marked (Shepherdess #14)

Esdras set the deathstone box on a shelf in the captain’s cabin and crossed his arms, eyes grave as he turned back to Haera. “They’ll kill us for this.” “We were already marked,” Haera said dismissively, nudging Moses away from her unfinished dinner. The goat gave her a turpid look, which she met with an […]

Art of Runa & Lyric

I’m beyond thrilled with the portraits I had commissioned of Runa and Lyric from my Daughters of Fire & Sea series. Don’t they look amazing? Thank you to Salome Totladze for this beautiful artwork. Here is a link for Salome’s Instagram account. For those of you who haven’t yet read the series, you can find […]

Gift (Shepherdess #13)

It was the Abbess herself who climbed aboard, her green eyes sharp as glass beneath her fitted hood. Caeradin affected an air of tranquility that fit him poorly, but it didn’t last. A long stare from the priestess returned the sullen look to his face. “Disregard the child,” Haera said, ignoring Caeradin’s furious hiss. The […]

Favor (Shepherdess #12)

The ship stalled beside the Lady’s Island as a carillon announced the priestesses’ midday meal. Eyeing the limp sails and glass-like water, Caeradin gave a petulant sigh and slumped over the railing. “You’d think they’d send us a little wind,” he griped, glaring at the emerald towers. Haera crossed her arms and watched a white-robed […]

The Elders

The sky had ruptured above our heads, the black expanse disappearing behind a writhing tangle of brilliant greens and purples. Spreading quickly, the tentacles of light moved towards the dark towers of our silent city. “We could run.” Reant’s voice was defiant, but the thump of his heart behind my head betrayed his fear. Cradled […]

At the Dark Lady’s Gate

Their intercourse was brief, the figures’ flashing hands and veiled faces making it impossible for Rhian to understand. Had they decided to help her? Or were they still exchanging pleasantries or discussing the weather? Hands lowering, her guide abruptly spun, tobacco-colored skirts swirling around her thighs, and strode towards her. “Have they seen him?” Rhian […]