Dark of Night

Dark of Night (a Blood of Erith Novelette)

A young girl, a living nightmare, and a choice that will change her life forever …

Eleven-year-old Amana, the daughter of a Jainan seamstress, wakes to find a terrifying creature in her home. When it attacks her mother, Amana must find the strength to fight or lose everything.

Dark of Night is a fantasy short story set in the world of Daughters of Fire and Sea. Amana returns in The Dragon Flute, the second book in the new epic fantasy series.

Here’s an excerpt from Dark of Night:

Amana woke, her heart thumping in her chest. A knowing that something was wrong skittered along her skin and drove sleep from her mind. She listened, afraid to move — though she didn’t know why — and heard the faint breath of Nayana, her mother. The familiar cadence was slow and measured. Her mother was sleeping, but as Amana focused on the sound, she could hear the faint rasp of strain. Concerned, she slowly turned her head and looked across the small room to her mother’s mat.

Something was crouched over Nayana’s head

Dark of Night (A Blood of Erith Novelette) is available as an ebook on Amazon. It is also available in the Fantastic Realms Anthology paperback.

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