Unusual Diction: Volume Two

Unusual Diction: Volume Two

Sinister trees and swaggering pirates. Dreamwalkers and summer spells. Broken oaths and dragon fire. Find new worlds in this collection of flash fiction stories that will delight, amuse, terrify, and inspire in under 100 words.

Unusual Diction: Volume Two is packed with compelling characters and beautiful and strange worlds. Included in this installment are several long serials including The Mad Queen (epic fantasy with an eccentric queen), The Blooded Archer (magic, a fallen prince, and a dangerous desert landscape), and Hunters (urban fantasy with snarky monster hunters who are monstrous themselves).

Here’s an excerpt from Scaris, one of the stories included in the collection:

Scaris slithered down the dim hall, a confusing hash of syrupy sweetness and promised danger. Her bruised eyes flicked towards me as she passed, and I pasted on a smile to hide the shiver dancing spider-quick down my spine.

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